MAT presentation at the National Bank of Serbia

24. April 2012 , Belgrade, (National Bank of Serbia)
Prezentacija MAT-a u NBS

Economics Institute's associates, members of the Macroeconomic Analyses and Trends team of authors, held the April presentation for the purpose of the National Bank of Serbia.

MAT authors presented the analyses and the latest macroeconomic trends, topical budget deficit, savings measures and reform-oriented laws the new government will deal with, to the Bank's management and employees engaged in research and analyses.

Special attention was paid to inflation in Serbia and in the European Union, as the most important macroeconomic parameter for NBS, then to the trends in the global automobile industry and to estimates on the effects of investing in Fiat Group in Serbia.

Economics Institute – MAT has regularly held presentations for the NBS needs, where the highest representatives of the monetary authorities and their associates have been informed about the results of MAT analyses and reviews of the renowned journal on important macroeconomic trends, economic policy measures and proposals for possible corrections.