Business advisory

Business advisory services include:

  • Strategic and developmental plans,
  • Business plans,
  • Business and organizational restructuring,
  • Management reporting, business indicators and IT,
  • Company turnaround programmes and
  • Market and competition analysis

Economics Institute provides its clients with advices on all critical strategic issues, from setting up company’s vision, mission and objectives, through defining corporate strategy, preparing operating business plans, to assuring the assistance during the strategy implementation.

Depending on the specific engagement objective, Economics Institute offers a team of expert advisors of different profiles, such as sector and industrial experts, technologists, experts in the field of finance, taxes etc.

The Economics Institute’s experts are engaged in the projects on analyzing market and competition, enabling clients to perceive and understand their market position, to position themselves appropriately in relation to the competitors and to find opportunities for further growth and development.

In addition to analyzing market and competition, Economics Institute provides support to its clients in designing and implementing plans for new market appearance.