12. March 2013, Belgrade, Economics Institute

Presentation of the 220th issue of MAT

Contaminated corn under the rug, aflatoxin in milk, agriculture downhill... Reindustrialization is not disputable. However, the solutions for overcoming debt crisis as well as solutions for public finance and liquidity are missing. A new model is necessary for the Steelworks.

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26. February 2013, Belgrade

Cooperation between Croatian and Serbian consultants

Economics Institute Belgrade and Engineering Bureau Zagreb signed an agreement on joint participation in providing economic and legal advisory services to companies and institutions in the region

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05. February 2013, Belgrade, Economics Institute

Presentation of the 219th issue of MAT

Growth with the IMF help, but without the elections. Serbia needs a new arrangement with IMF as soon as possible. Authors of Macroeconomic Analyses and Trends journal warn: If elections are called, there will be no investments.

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