Held Summit “DDI in Southeast Europe”

Held Summit “DDI in Southeast Europe”
04. December 2014 , Hotel Esplanade Luxury, Zagreb

Senior Government officials meet to discuss Data-Driven Innovation in South-East Europe.





The Economics Institute of Serbia, The Institute of Economics Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Inzenjerski biro of Croatia, the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding or Romania, the Applied Research and Communications Fund of Bulgaria, the Open Labs of Albania, the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and Google organized a summit on “Data-Driven Innovation in South-East Europe”, at the Esplanade Luxury Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. Senior government officials from Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania and Slovenia participated to the summit and exchanged views on this important topic.

The partner Institutes presented a white paper they prepared regarding data-driven innovation, which triggered a productive discussion.

Mr. Dragan Sagovnovic, Director of the Economics Institute of Serbia stated:  “Economics Institute from Belgrade worked closely with esteemed Institutes in the region to prepare this white paper regarding data-driven innovation. Aware of the fact that data-driven innovation brings a range of challenges, we also aimed to emphasize the enormous positive effects for the overall society. Data-driven innovation can be a vehicle for intensive cooperation in the region in order to raise competitiveness of each individual country and the region as a whole. This is particularly important considering that the population of the region amounts to over 50 million people, compared with population of individual countries amounting from 0.6 to 20 million, and the GDP of the region amounts to almost USD 450 billion, compared with GDP of individual countries amounting from USD 4 to USD 190 billion.”