Economics Institute won "Superbrands Serbia" award for 2012-2013

Economics Institute won "Superbrands Serbia" award for 2012-2013
26. April 2013 , Beograd

Economics Institute was awarded "Superbrands Serbia" for 2012-20213. General Manager Dragan Šagovnović received the award at the ceremony held on 25 April 2013 at the Metropol Hotel in Belgrade.



Winners of the "Superbrands Serbia" for 2012-2013 were selected upon market research, general public opinion all over Serbia and evaluation conducted by the members of independent Superbrands Council composed of the leading economists, marketing and media experts. "Superbrands Serbia" title was awarded this year in 34 categories.

President of the Superbrands Council Serbia, Toplica Spasojević, said at the ceremony that around 1600 well-known brands in Serbia participated in the competition for superbrand selection.

"Brands are of importance for the economy in general. By becoming recognizable, they achieve higher price and bring higher profits to their producers, but also promote quality and raise the competition level", said Spasojević pointing to the fact that, in the end, only satisfied customer matters.

"Superbrands" was founded in 1994. in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as world’s leading platform for the promotion of brands, which raises awareness of the branding and promotes this field through identification and establishment of leading international and local brands, amounting presently to more than 80 worldwide, in each Member State. "Superbrands" was first launched in Serbia by TGI Group International Ltd. in 2007, as a way of honouring the best country brands.