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Since its establishment, Economics Institute has developed professional relationships with journalists and has expanded the network of contacts with them. The Institute’s associates are often quoted and are reliable source of information on current economic topics for the representatives of local and foreign media. A large attendance at the events organized by Economics Institute and excellent media coverage thereof, as well as a large number of articles and reports on the projects and other activities of Economics Institute in print and electronic media, speak in favor of the said.

Being grateful for good cooperation to-date, and wishing to facilitate the work of the media representatives, we try to keep the information and materials for journalists as complete as possible, to provide answers to the questions in due time and to make conditions for the journalists who report from our events as comfortable as possible.

This section of the Economic Institute’s website contains the following:

From this web page, you can also access the Gallery, containing video clips broadcasted in TV shows as well as the photos from our events.

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