MAT Partners club

Partners of Economics Institute, the publisher of the journal Macroeconomic Analyses and Trends, on this project are:

The projects such as Macroeconomic Analyses and Trends, whose final goal is to improve business environment, are more successful and useful for the corporate sector if there exists an interactive communication between the publisher and the readers.

The idea is for the MAT Partners Club to gather together 11 members - successful companies that will be individual co-hosts at the presentations of one of the 11 magazine issues (10 monthly and a summer double issue for July and August).

What can successful companies gain through their membership in the MAT Partners Club:

  • opportunity to publish a text, written by general manager, president of the BoD, or an expert specialized in certain field of activity (for example, chief economist of the bank or external expert), on the current economic topic of importance to successful business operations of the company
  • opportunity to publish corporate ad in each issue of MAT within the special supplement of the MAT Partners Club.
  • opportunity for the company – member of the MAT Partners Club, to host one of the 11 presentations of MAT with:
    • participation of general manager at a press conference (text in the supplement and speech at the press conference, on the current economic topic), 
    • conference room  branding (setting up rollup or other corporate symbol) and
    • the media coverage
  • company logo on all issues of the magazine in 2012 (on page K4)
  • copies of the magazine for the company’s top management (by choice - printed or electronic, Serbian or English)

We believe that successful companies that operate in the Serbian market will accept our invitation to join the MAT Partners Club, providing our magazine with an opportunity to successfully meet modern corporate needs for this type of analyses, forecasts and projections and thus to contribute to successful business operations of the Serbian economy.


Danijela Matović
Project Manager
Tel:          +381 11 3613 417
Mob:       +381 60 0447 407