"Industry" is the leading scientific journal of international importance under the list published by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia.  It is published quarterly and contains the scientific research papers from the various industries and branches, diversified in subject matter and approach.

Approach to the problems discussed in the published papers has evolved over time due to efforts made by editors and editorial boards. From the dominance of macroeconomic and sector-oriented development problems, the focus of papers published in "Industry" gradually headed towards the present profile, dominated by the papers that bring the results of concrete empirical research in the economy and in non-economic activities primarily regarding Serbia, but also other countries, especially the regional ones.

Insisting on such a profile has resulted in advancement of the status of "Industry" in the list of journals published by the Ministry of Science. Namely, in 2002 "Industry" was not in the list, but by the year of 2010 it went through all the categories, from M53 to M24 (the status equivalent to M23, i.e. to journals in the SCI list), where it remains today.

In 2011 "Industry" entered the EBSCO Publishing of journal article databases, an academic database of papers published in more than 300,000 journals and stored in 50,000 libraries in the world, which is a prerequisite for applying for entry into the expanded SCI list (list of journal with no impact factor), i.e. further into the SCI list in two to three years.

Other activities necessary for entry into the expanded SCI list, are in progress:

  • activities to complete all bibliometric indicators related to the journal,
  • managing, to the extent possible, citations and self-citations, which are the main input for the calculation of impact factors,
  • publishing the journal in English,
  • further necessary enlargement of the editorial board, by engaging the prominent experts from the world, even though they currently make up three quarters of the editorial board,
  • expanding the list of reviewers to experts in certain fields,
  • recruiting a supervisor, i.e. a general controller of all the activities related to the journal and the quality thereof,
  • arranging the possible solutions for additional financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, for all of the said activities   

The most important requirement of any further progress of "Industry" is the quality of papers published within the adopted and already recognized profile of the journal, which the editors, reviewers and the supervisor take special care of.

"Industrija” is academic journal of international interest verified with special decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia (Serbian category M24) in the field of social sciences - economy. It is published quarterly, since 1973.

The Mission of academic journal "Industrija” is to be the source of information based on the economic, business, management and industrial engineering research with special emphasize on research from Central and Eastern Europe.

The Vision of editorial board and publisher is to develop "Industrija” as a journal publishing highly relevant, professionally prepared articles, with permanent increase in its international impact, with the objective to be included in SCI list within forthcoming years.

The main Scope of scientific journal "Industrija” based on JEL classification is in the fields of industrial organization, economic development, technological change, and growth as well as business administration and business economics including marketing and accounting (JEL subject descriptors C-R).

Starting with 01.03.2013 Submission of all manuscripts is accepted only through ASEESTANT on-line web site Basic instructions for utilization of ASEESTANT can be found at the following links bellow, but authors are encouraged to undergo the application intuitively since the ASEESTANT software is very user friendly. E-mailed submissions and hardcopy submissions will not be processed, and authors will be redirected to submit the manuscripts in ASEESTANT.