Economics Institute is the founder of the audit company EKI Audit, which operates as a separate legal entity.

Since May 2012 EKI Audit is a member of the global accounting network UHY.

EKI Audit utilizes the extended knowledge and experience of its managers and staff relying on the experience and human resources of Economics Institute Belgrade, where the EKI Audit staff gained their initial experience in auditing

In the last two years EKI Audit has been: increasing its audit client base by 20% per annum, diversifying its portfolio of services through a number of financial due diligence projects for both domestic and foreign investors as well as accounting consulting, growing by 25% per annum

Highly professional teams of EKI Audit have strong technical background and experience in performing audits in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

Audit teams are supported by IT experts responsible for the control of PCs and databases.

Audit approach is based on the following principles:

  • Understanding of enterprise’s business operations,
  • Risk assessment,
  • Establishing an appropriate audit strategy, standardized audit programmes and procedure (representative sampling),
  • Efficient and effective implementation and
  • Ensuring quality audit

In addition to audit services, EKI Audit also provides the services of review and compliance of financial statements, financial statement analysis, special investigations, solvency analysis, etc.